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About Us



Soy Ivannova de Imbabura, Ecuador; a free-flow artist and reiki practitioner. My childhood consisted of playing in mountains and praying to plants. In 2007 I moved to the United States to meet my mom. I started painting 8 years ago to flow through the manias and cycles of this vessel. Painting into trance states allowed me to understand the divinity and natural healing powers of art.

Reiki came into my life in the fall of 2019. When the pandemic gave the world a chance to heal, I shared remote treatments and made reiki infused candles to support the journey. My biggest and most powerful paintings were born after my reiki attunements.

I returned to Ecuador in the summer of 2021 in search of a curandera to further my studies. 3 hermit months. My highest-self and inner-child in the mountains; painting, chanting, dancing, smoking and channeling . Here is where I understood the healing powers of Pachamama, breath, art, magic, connection, and live manifestation. 


May our flow remind people of the light within our DNA and inspire them to stay grounded and true.



Hello, My name is Isabel Balcazar and I’ve been a nomad in Central and South America for the past year. I was born in Medellin, Colombia the 3rd of October of 1992 and moved to NY when I was 14 with my mother. Before taking a year off my BFA studies, I did a series of acrylic portraits of my closest friends (including Ivannova) along with self portraits based on dreams. As I expanded my painting practice I also felt like it was imperative for me to reconnect with my roots.

As my intuition started to grow I went back to my native Colombia at the Artesumapaz residency in cundinamarca, near my father’s native city Bogota. As they received me with open arms I had a safe space to cultivate practices based on my authentic purpose and natural abilities. I have been divinely blessed and guided with nutritious experiences, people and places that have given me a broader path to universal healing.

I wish to keep exploring female shamanism, art as a form of therapy and ancestral healing as a key to unlocking our shadows and gifts. I’m currently working on “ the collective guide for intuitive creators”, making murals and keeping the dream alive focusing on the vision of Pachamama in my current journey in the jungles of Costa Rica.

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