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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese energy healing technique that promotes stress relieve and relaxation. 

Who can benefit from reiki?

Everyone! Reiki is a safe and non-invasive form holistic therapy. Our practice focuses on supporting the healing journey of women and children. 

What happens during a reiki session?

During a treatment, the recipient is invited to lay comfortably on a treatment table (if this is not possible, the treatment will be done sitting). The room will be infused with reiki energy and arranged to support the healing; soft music, dim lights or candles, plush pillows and blankets. The reiki practitioner will proceed with the treatment by floating her hands above the recipient's energy points. In some cases (with permission), light touch may be used on the recipient's head. When the session is done the practitioner will say "Thank You". To enhance your experience please wear comfortable, relaxing clothing.

For remote appointments, the reiki practitioner and recipient agree upon a date and time for the session. The recipient is encouraged to create a sacred and soothing space of their own to receive reiki. The practitioner may ask for an image of the recipient and proceed with sending reiki while the recipient relaxes at home.

Does distance reiki really work?

Everything is energy and reiki is rooted in this universal truth. The same way we don't see light or heat travel when we turn on the switch, we don't see reiki but we can feel and see the changes in our energy. 

How can I support Return to Pachamama?

You can show support by telling your friends about your reiki experience with us! Share our social media pages; 

Instagram: @222pachamama 

Facebook: Return To Pachamama

We also humbly accept donations via

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