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How To Do a Velación (Candle Magic)

Hello my dear friends! I'm very excited to share this candle magic tutorial with you. Velaciones are a beautiful way to help us manifest and communicate with spirit. Although this is a tool to help us envision please remember that there is nothing more powerful than your intention. Give thanks for the things that you want like it's already yours.

What you'll need:

  • white candles (4 for a triangle formation or 9 for a circle)

  • cup with water

  • egg

  • #2 pencil (or any writing utensil)

  • parchment paper (any paper)

  • matches (lighter)

  • copal

Some optional things

  • a picture of your intention

  • herbs and oils to dress your candle

  • any other offering you want to give (crystals, tabacco...)

Hope you have a fun manifesting! If you want to get real fancy with it, you can look into doing this ritual aligned with the different moon phases. You can also explore with different color candles to match your intention and use the help of saints/orisha/entities candles. Remember magic is free flow and rituals are ways to strengthen our intentions and beliefs. Follow your intuition above all and make it your own.

With love and light,

Ivannova :)

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